Social Group

The CPN Social Group is one of the most popular groups we run- it’s a chance to meet lots of new people, have fun, and do something new every month! The leader of the group is Tom, and here he tells us a bit about the group…
Hi everyone, my name is Tom Condren and I got involved with the Connect People Network social group about two years ago, as a parent volunteer. My son Alan is also a member of the group and is 27 years old. I am not telling you how old I am, but I still feel young at heart!! My wife Anne also helps to organise social events and both of us really enjoy being part of this group, as you get to do fun things, meet lots of nice people, and go to some exiting places.
It's the Silly Hat Parade with the Social Group!

It’s the Silly Hat Parade with the Social Group!

These are just some of the things we have done over the past year:


Visit to Belfast and Titanic Centre

Trip by boat to Irelands Eye in Howth and the Transport Museum

Visit to the chocolate factory

Meal in TGI Fridays

Overnight stay in Glendalough Hostel

Tall ships festival


Visit to Malahide Castle

You can read more about each trip by clicking this link.