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CPN Committee | Connect People Network

CPN Committee

The CPN is run by a group of volunteers from different areas and who have different interests. Members of the CPN who have been members for more than a year can apply to be elected as a committee member. The new committee members are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year. Your new committee for 2015 is made up of these lovely folks- if you see them at an event make sure and say hello- they're all lovely! Phil Davy Phil             Tom Condren Tom             Jonathan Mitchell Jonathon             Helen Crowley Helen             Gordon Quinn Gordon             David O'Neill (Treasurer) David             Ciaran McDermott (Secretary) Ciaran             Barbara Kaminska (Vice-Chair) Barbara             Michael Feely Michael                 Zoe Hughes (Chairperson) 58161_10152055863495715_2017616934_n