The CPN have recently decided that anyone who is on our mailing list is automatically a member of the CPN- no more having to pay for membership!!

What that means is that everyone who comes to our events- whether you are a person with extra support needs or a staff or family supporter- will pay the same amount to join that event.

The reason we have to charge for our events is that we don’t get money from anyone to run the CPN- all of us are volunteers, and we have to pay for hiring the room, and things like insurance.

So this means that if you send your email to you are a member of the Connect People Network!

One comment on “Membership
  1. Mary O'Flannagain says:

    I am a parent and my daughter Roisin attends your drama group. I didn’t realise you also had social events, advocacy etc. and would be interested in her (and I) being involved. Thanks for letting me be a member.

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