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Drama Group Update

Hi everyone! We just wanted to let  you know that because of st. Patrick's Day and Easter, or drama group is taking a break in March- but we'll be back on 19th April with the next installment- check out our update on Bad boy brad and Hopeless Hilda! Following her break up with Bad Boy Brad, Hopeless Hilda has been spending lots of time with her friends. But friendships can be so tricky nowadays- it's hard to know your Snapchat from your Whatsapp! Last month, when Hilda's dancing 'went viral' (for all the wrong reasons) a series of arguments and group chat fall outs occurred, and Hilda had to take a crash course in the best way to handle being a 'girl online'. Join us next month to see if her friendships can survive this Facebook fallout...or will she be 'deleting' some people from her life! Make sure and check out our Facebook page by clicking here for the fastest updates!
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