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Handy Andy is on the scene! | Connect People Network

Handy Andy is on the scene!

Drama Group Update- November 2015 Handy Andy has arrived on the scene!  He works with Hopeless Hilda at her new job in Nando’s. Well now Hilda is stressed as Handy Andy  is just that little bit too friendly... to be honest he is a bit annoying… and what with the whistling, purring and flirting doesn’t seem to know when enough is enough!  And she is afraid Bad Boy Brad will be jealous. He seems a nice guy but how should she handle him? CPN advisors come to the rescue but will their advice make any difference? Watch this space! If you are interested in joining the CPN drama project come to the meet up in Aungier St– 8th December 10.30 – 2.30.
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