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Yes Equality Video! | Connect People Network

Yes Equality Video!

Hi all, As part of the Marriage Referendum on May 22 we are going to have a get together to discuss the upcoming referendum and to make a video giving a full hearted Yes! We in CPN believe it is every persons right to marry the person they love, whether that is a man or a woman. FB_Together This would be of particular interest to our Connecting Rainbows members but also our friends from the CPN are also welcome to attend. We will meet at the front gate of St. Stephens Green at 3 pm on Saturday the 9th of May and shoot the video in the park. Anyone who wishes to attend should also know we will be publishing the video on social networks. Bring some money too and we will have a coffee/tea and maybe a sneaky bun afterwards. You can get all the information about the day on one page by clicking here. If you want to lean more about the Referendum, and see why we in CPN are supporting a Yes vote, have a look at the Yes Equality website by clicking this link- https://www.yesequality.ie/why-marriage-equality/
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