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Connecting Rainbows are going to Dublin Pride! | Connect People Network

Connecting Rainbows are going to Dublin Pride!

Hi everyone! As you may know, we at the Connect People Network have a group called Connecting Rainbows, which is there for people with extra support needs who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered. Every year, the gay community in Dublin marches in a parade called Pride- it's a chance to show everyone that you are happy with who you are as a gay person- but anyone can join in, whether you like girls, guys, or both! This year, Connecting Rainbows is marching in the parade for the third time.

(picture via Dublin Pride)

It's a really fun day out, and we march as a group with a banner, down O'Connell St in Dubin to Merrion Square, where there is a big party and concert afterwards you can also go to. We are meeting at the main gates of The Garden of Remembrance at 1pm on Saturday 28th June. We will be marching down O'Connell St and ending at Merrion Square. The area will be very busy, so to help you find the group, look out for either Ciaran or Carol- they look like this! Make sure to have water with you, and wear sunscreen! You should also wear some bright clothes- have fun! (You also might want to bring a raincoat- and good shoes for walking!!!) You can download our flyer for this event by clicking on this link. Please let either Carol or Ciaran know you're coming by calling or texting them on the numbers in that flyer. See you then, everyone!
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