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Info | Connect People Network


The Connect People Network (CPN) was founded in September 2002 (as the Irish Sex Education Network) and is an independent, non denominational, nation wide, multidisciplinary group. Currently our members come from voluntary and statutory disability services, persons with extra support needs and their families.

We run training and information seminars and talks for different groups of people like:

-People with extra support needs

-Parents and family members of people with extra support needs

-Staff and supporters

Sometimes all these groups come together for bigger meetings, so we can all learn from each other.

We organise some fun social activities, like Salsa Classes and Table Quizzes. We do research and write up reports about relationships and sexuality. We make presentations about what it's like for people with extra support needs to have relationships.

Regarding terminology, the group agreed that the term ‘mentally impaired’ or 'intellectual disabilities' should be changed to ‘people with extra support needs’. Claire Adams said: ‘The term mentally impaired is insulting and like saying handicapped or retarded’. Ryan Johns commented that: ‘Calling people mentally impaired is just not nice, it’s ignorant. Disability is not a disease. We are very good at some things. We just need extra support with some things.’

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