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Big News- CPN AGM and Planning Day | Connect People Network

Big News- CPN AGM and Planning Day

We have two big things to tell you about (this message is a bit long, but a more fun easy-to-read version of this information, please click here).
First is information about the Annual General Meeting and Planning Day.
This will be at Carmelite Community Centre (Aungier Street, Dublin 2) on Tuesday the 4th of March, 2014.

The front of the Carmelite Centre, Dublin.

(To tell you how to get to the Carmelite Centre click this link)
You can buy lunch there or bring it with you. It will cost €20 to become a member of the CPN (a full year membership that helps to keep CPN going).
At our meeting we are going to:
  1. Talk about projects that we worked on in 2013 and events we organised
  2. Talk about the activities and projects that you want to do in 2014
  3. Elect people to lead project groups and to go on the CPN committee
If you are not a CPN member, you can join on the day.
The second important news is about electing a new CPN committee.
Would you like to help out with organising and running CPN?
What do CPN committee members do?
  • Go to one committee meeting every month to talk about things that are happening in the CPN
  • Take responsibility for one of CPN’s groups
  • Listen to what the people in their group want to do and organise events for their group
  • Send the CPN administrator information about events that are happening in their group so that the administrator can tell everyone in the CPN
  • Take phone calls from people about their group
  • Give each other help to make all the groups work
  • Take big decisions about money or publicity by voting together
To be a CPN committee member you must be:
  • member of CPN for one year or more
  • person with extra support needs, or a family member or supporter who is helping people with extra support needs to have friendships and relationships
You must get 2 members of the CPN to say that you would be a good committee member. One will nominate you. The other will second your nomination.
In particular, CPN is looking for a new Treasurer. If you are good at managing money, receipts and invoices, paying bills, fundraising, and preparing reports on income and expenses, we would especially like to encourage you to join CPN’s committee.
If you would like a chance to go on the committee of the CPN, phonetext or email the CPN before February the 14th.
Phone: 087 185 7578
In your message:
  1. Tell us your name and a little bit about you
  2. Tell us why you would be a good committee member
  3. Tell us the names of the 2 CPN members who think you would be a good committee member
At the end of February we will send every CPN member information about the people who want to go on the committee.
If only 11 people want to go on committee, all of them will be chosen. If more than 11 people want to go on committee everyone in the CPN will vote at the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday the 4th of March, 2014.
We look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you all at the AGM.
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