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Connect People Network

Hi everyone! The CPN social group had a fantastic overnight trip to Glendalough couple of weeks ago, and so here to tell you all about it is our "roving reporter", Mark! Two great days in the valley by Mark Daly
Before both my parents died we used to get in the car drive into the heart of Wicklow and especially driving into the Sally Gap. It had been a long time since I was in Glendalough. And I never walked in the area before. On the trip to Glendalough there was Me, Tom and his wife Ann who joined us in Glendalough. Tom, Alan and I met in Connolly station and it was there that we met David O’ Neill from Swords , Juliette Cullen Savage and her friend Niamh and Margaret Curran from Beaumont and Donal who came all the way up from Athlone was aswell as Phil the chairperson of CPN. We stayed in the Glendalough International Hostel which was a stone’s throw from the Glendalough Nature Park and wildlife reserve which incorporates Kevin’s Bed. By Saturday afternoon the temperature in Glendalough was in its high 20’s and we decided against going to the miner’s village and left that until Sunday. So we stayed in the Hostel and some tea and sandwiches. After going for a small hike close to the upper lake, some got into the lake to get their feet wet, we returned to the hostel and some dinner which Tom and Ann had made at home; chicken curry or lasagna and ice cream. After dinner we went to the hotel for some drinks and we talked about meeting up outside CPN and how we would go about meeting ups in the CPN and suggestions which included sporting fixtures, I suggested going for a meal. On the train we all swapped mobile phone numbers and I will be meeting up with David O Neill, weather permitting. We all had a great time in Glendalough. And we all agreed that we would like to do it again in the future.
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